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Game of Death Review

 VERDICT  Dancing to the wacky beat of its own drum; Game of Death is a bloodied and bonkers ride pumped full of eccentric violence and modern flare. If you like your satire served extra black with a side order of carnage then look no further - this is one game you'll be dying to play.
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Spilling Guts Podcast Ep. 40 - Open 24 Hours Review

Episode 40 is here and we talk s**t about the newly release yet 2018 delayed petrol stop slasher Open 24 Hours . We also kick off this conversation with discussing Amazon Prime and their difficult selection of horror movies, as well as talking about some of the podcasts we have been listening to this week. Link for episode below

Open 24 Hours Review

 VERDICT  An over-long and bloated slasher that fails to captivate on its intriguing perspective; Open 24 Hours packs a hefty punch with effective gore and some neat suspense, but at a stuffed 110 minutes it overstay's its welcome.

Spilling Guts Ep. 39 - Relic (2020) Review

Episode 39 on Spilling Guts is here and these queers are here to review the brand spanking you psychological horror Relic. Starring Scream 3 's Emily Mortimer; Relic follows as a mother and daughter struggle to contain a manifestation of dementia that is consuming their grandmother and her home. This week we also delve into the horror's we have watched this week, including The Children (2008), Slasher: Solstice and the Found Footage sub-genre. Link to full  episode  below

The Rental Review

 VERDICT  Dave Franco's directorial debut is a solid effort in tension and mystery, with a strong cast and enough visual flare to make up for its wobbling attempt at juggling various genre themes.

Spilling Guts Podcast Ep. 38 - Happy 4th of July: I Know What You Did Last Summer

To celebrate the passing of 4th of July, we thought it was best to celebrate it our own way by getting stuck in to one of the most iconic late 90's slashers;  I Know What You Did Last Summer . We also briefly dive into the new season of  Slasher Season 3: Solstice  as well as the heartbreaking news of the 2021 delay of  Halloween Kills . Link for episode below

Relic Review

 VERDICT  Despite a premise that's a little too on-the-nose; Relic is nonetheless a tense exercise in its depiction of the deteriorating mind, with a third act made of nail-biting suspense.