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Vivarium Review

15 Brainless Movies That Are Pure Dumb Fun!

Today are the days horror fans and our community need to help each other through such difficult times, and with the coronavirus swirling up fear and panic on a global pandemic level, it's times like these when we should be rummaging back through our horror collections for new films to watch, and old ones to revisit. I am here to deliver your essential isolation movie collection, one that will be best admired with junk food in one hand, and an alcoholic beverage in the other! What happens when you rinse through all those genre classics, what are you left with then? It's time to scrape the bottom of the barrel and revisit some movies that are best admired when no braincells or film snobbery are required. It's time you leave that good taste in film at the door, and delve into my Top 15 most brainless horror movies that are simply pure dumb fun! I was entertained watching this selection below, who knows, maybe you will too.

Spilling Guts Podcast Ep. 28 - Pillow Fight Anyone? Let's Talk Slumber Party Massacre Trilogy

Totally, right? We are throwing it back to the neon-soaked 80's for good old fashioned slasher trilogy as we delve into the ooh's and ah's of The Slumber Party Massacre 1, 2 & 3! Episode 28 is the first of many in which we go back to the slasher sub-genre's roots, both to admire and talk nonsense about the cult 80's slashers that have shaped the sub-genre to what it is today. Expect some totally tubular chin wagging!

The Hunt Review

Spilling Guts Podcast Ep. 27 - Poppin' That Cherry 2.0

This week on Spilling Guts Podcast me & Luke go back to basics and talk about the early days of our horror fanatic childhood. We take a second dive back into how horror has inspired us as both children and growing up into the gay horror addicts that we are today. On this episode we throw it back and hit you with Part 2, delving into the many ways horror films have shaped us as little gay boys, diving deep into our early years of horror obsession. Dig in folks, we're going back to basics!

Fantasy Island Review

Grimmfest 2019 - Recap & Reviews!

Grimmfest 2019 was the first horror film festival I have ever attended, and was one that did not disappoint. My urges as a horror fan were satisfied, as I was presented with a plethora of horror films that scratched a desirable itch of experiencing an eclectic range of movies. That we definitely got. Grimmfest explored every sub-genre imaginable, presented a buffet of movies, some leaving a long-lasting taste after viewing, others tasting like a bad apple. Luckily, these bad apples never tainted the rest, resulting in me finishing Grimmfest on a high note. This was mostly due to the hugely entertaining Sunday Screenings which tied the whole weekend up in a neat and bloody little red bow. It was a great experience and one I will be revisiting come 2020. Here is now where I delve into all the films I attending during the four days of screening. Do not worry as there will be no spoilers in any of the short films below, so if you were do want to venture into a viewing of these movie

5 Reasons to be Excited for the New SYFY TV Remake of 'Day of the Dead'

News has broken out that Syfy has managed to get a hold of the rights to George E. Romero's Day of the Dead, and will be taking the classic zombie story to the small screen. Remaking Day of the Dead has proven most unsuccessful, as proven by the formulaic 2008 version, as well as the drab 2014 rendition. Perhaps adapting this for our television screens may have a different effect, but here is a list of reasons why we should finally be excited about this upcoming TV reboot.

The Invisible Man (2020) Review

 VERDICT  Welcome to the horror sleeper-hit of 2020. The Invisible Man delivers unpalatable tension like no other, also boasting a stellar cast with slick delivery. Universal Monsters have never looked so good. Set in a modern day San Fransisco, we are introduced to a fleeing Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) as she escapes from her abusive and controlling wealthy boyfriend Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohn). Soon after discovering Adrian took his own life, Cecilia begins to suspect that his death was a hoax, and he is in fact following and watching her without anyone able to see him. Director Leigh Whannell had a crisp and clear vision when adapting this classic Universal monster The Invisible Man , into a modern re-telling that taps into the relevantly dark dangers of a domestic relationship, exploring such a theme with the upmost intensity and craft. This is a classic horror tale adapted with a contemporary twist, focusing more on the psychological mayhem we're forced to e