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Cineworld Joins AMC in ban from Universal Movies like 'Halloween Kills' and 'Candyman' from Their Cinemas

Possessor Review

8 Modern Final Girls That Deserve an Icon Status

Cherry Falls Review

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[Scene of the Week] Tara Reid Get's The Axe in 'Urban Legend'

Sea Fever Review

Spilling Guts Podcast Ep. 30 - 80's Camp Kweens

On Episode 30 we pick up where we left off and continue on from our lost episode, in which we dug deep into cult 80's slasher classics based in summer camps. This week we dive deep into the details of Friday The 13th: Part II, Cheerleader Camp & Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers.

We Summon The Darkness Review

We're Trapped! 9 Must Watch Films That Trapped It's Characters Indoors

WE'RE TRAPPED !! Every single one of us is going through the absolute pits of hell right now, and by the look of things, this is going to be all of our lives now for the next few months! We as horror fans have been preparing for this for years, stocking up our horror collection and becoming quite good at staying indoors and keeping ourselves occupied. In saying that, nothing has ever prepared us for this virus, or for becoming a literal hermit crap for months on end. If you ever think your life is hard, let's take a moment and think back to some horror films in which characters have endured something similar with higher stakes, and by higher stakes I mean death, fear, and torture. Look no further than this list of my Top 10 horror movies that has its characters, like ourselves, trapped indoors with no escape. Look at these movies and be thankful that we are not them, and that we have the pleasure of enjoying their torture, not enduring it. Dig in.

Spilling Guts Podcast Ep. 29 - The Invisible Man & The Hunt Review

Welcome back to our first quarantine episode of Spilling Guts, whilst we may not be in the same room, and we definitely sharing the same body spirit and mind when discussing the new VOD release of 'The Invisible Man' and 'The Hunt'. We delve into both of these new horror hit movies, discussing the in's and outs of our verdicts on both of these features. Were they a waste of time? Or were they the new horror hits the genre has to offer? Have a listen and hear for yourself. WARNING! Expect plenty of spoilers so consider yourself warned! 

Dead Set Review

First Teaser Trailer For "Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula" Is Here & It's F***ing Adrenaline-Pumped Amazingness

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming follow-up, sister film to the unbelievably amazing Korean zombie hit Train to Busan has finally been released, and let me tell you it is nothing short of SPECTACULAR!!! There are some big boots to be filled following up to Train to Busan, which was a triumphant success as it blended action, horror, and genuine emotion to create one of the best zombies movies of the past 20 years, maybe even of all time. The rawness to it really went down a treat within the horror community and filmgoers alike, so it was only going to be a matter of time before a sequel was being made.