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6 Female Characters That Triggered My Homosexuality

As we wave goodbye to Pride month and wipe away our tears of a sad gay clown, here is a small list of females from all across film and TV that have had a direct link to my embracement of femininity within my own homosexuality. Now, this ain't no list of all the hot men I have fancied over the years, nor is it based on female characters who I have identified with, but more so a small list of ladies who are my own personal taste of horror gay icons.

I have deliberately tried to avoid a few obvious contenders, but some are simply added to the list so I am flaunt just how much I adore them. Expect a whole load of gay fan-boy'ing to go down right about now, and if you see a handful of Scream's female cast on here keep all judgements to yourself! Welcome to my crazy gay list ladies!

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Basically Any Horror She Was In!
Gays, need a really say more? Buffy Summers is single-handedly to blame for the manifestation of horror obsession deep within nearly the entirety of the queer horror community. Of course she is, are any of you even surprised she has made it on this list?! Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a vital vessel in the late 90's iconography, and paired with the perfect casting of Sarah Michelle Gellar makes for one of biggest gay icons the horror genre has the offer. Buff Summer's character is evidently aided by Gellar's performance, who is essential queer perfection in nearly anything she was in following Vampire Slayer. Helen Shivers in I Know What You Did Last Summer? Iconic. CiCi in Scream 2?! obsessed! And let's not forget about her shining performance as Daphne in Scooby-Doo The Movie in which she encouraged gays all around the world that you can absolutely kick ass in a knee-high purple boot.

Veronica - Dead Set
With the recent (and unfortunate) release of remake Reality Z, it only made me long for another rewatch of Dead Set, and upon this revisit was a delightful reminder of just how brilliantly written Veronica is. (played by the wonderful Beth Cordingly). Referred to as the "titted fucking idiot" by hilariously nasty Patrick, Veronica's characterisation is a flavoured one, staying authentically herself whilst going against expectation by becoming way more than a brainless blonde bimbo she is painted as in the first episode. There is a fire in her demeanour from the word go, and the more the show progresses the stronger and more assertive she becomes. 

Veronica's aura was always one of a "don't give a fuck" attitude, one that matched with her striking blonde and fun appearance was always a combination of pure delight. Each character is flavour with distinct uniqueness, and Veronica's cold yet determined existence goes against physical archetypes. Veronica is the one that takes charge in episode 5, mustering up a plan to take care of Patrick that would have kept the main gates closed, certifying their safety and survival (at least for a while longer). Yes Veronica may might the dust, but she's one of the last to keep on kicking and boy does she leave a lasting impression. Baby gay Jack was all about miss Veronica circa '08.

Kirby - Scream 4
The entirety of the female Scream franchise cast deserves a hoopla and a celebration on this list (and will make their appearance somewhere down the line), and whilst there is simply not enough time on this gracious earth to rejoice in them all in even measure, I'm taking this time to put the spotlight on one of the most iconic of them all; Hayden Panettiere's Kirby Reed from Scream 4 (or Scre4m if ya nasty). What made Kirby such a tantalisingly fabulous character was purely based on how much I needed this femme fatale to be my friend. Horror obsessed lover? Check. Cool as a cucumber? Very that. A hot ass bitch with an infectiously care-free attitude? She got it.

Aside from the holy trinity of the Scream franchise, Kirby is the shining star in Scream 4, and although the likes of Emma Roberts and Marielle Jaffe give it a good whack, none of the surrounding cast are able to capture the ingenious characterisation and performance of miss Kirby herself. To top it all off, Kirby is involved in nearly every memorable moment Scream 4 has to offer; from the bedroom massacre to the brilliantly tense close call encounter with Ghostface as she lists off Hollywood horror remake after remake. There is no denying Kirby ranks next to the likes of Randy Meeks as one of the horror genre's best characters. There I said it.

Jen - Revenge
Revenge has proved itself worthy as being one of the strongest revenge horror films of all time (at least in my opinion anyways) brilliantly subverting the male gaze lens the sub-genre has been subjected to through the entirety of its own existence. Movies like I Spit On Your Grave and Last House on the Left etc. we are forever forced to endure endless torture of our female heroines, typically taken to extremely disturbing lengths. This level of unpleasant torture has never been one that particularly wetted my appetite even after they finally get their own over the men who tormented them. The pay-off is very rarely worth it, and the struggle to that point always borders on too extreme for my liking.

Things are different with our Jen however, who yes starts as the bubble-gum blonde who viewed as nothing more than a sex-object to our male antagonists. Whilst it's nice to see this archetype played out with intelligently lack of originality, it's her complete transformation into a gun-wielding, dark-haired lethal force of nature that makes Revenge so admirable. This transformation into the ditsy blonde bombshell to the all-black wearing final girl is brilliant, sporting a single neon-pink earring to remind you exactly who she was and how this lollipop-sucking vision is much more than meets the eye. Revenge is one of the best horror films of the past decade, and Jen is easily its strongest asset. Work bitch.

Rain - Resident Evil
This choice may seem like a strange one, but since the 2002 video game adaption, Paul W.S Anderson's Resident Evil my obsession from a femme fatale with a hard as rock demeanour stemmed from Michelle Rodriguez in her role as Rain. Whilst the 2002 first of the franchise is certainly the strongest, it's establishment of powerful female characters had baby Jack triggered back on its release, presenting us with a buddying female duo Alice and Rain who's characters were opposite ends of the bad bitch spectrum. Alice is certainly a flavoured character with her loose red dress and legs for days, but Rain's conflicting masculine attitude leaned more towards the sort of powerhouse I was drawn to with her all black attire and kitted out weaponry.

Rain is tough, lean and one hell of a trooper, lasting nearly the entire duration of the film lugging around multiple injuries. Whilst she ultimately meets her unfortunate demise in the final act, she dies fighting and remains one of the toughest women in the entire franchise. Retribution resurrected Rodrigues and Rain for one final outing, and despite leaning a little more into the lacklustre side of life, it was still a fun and fresh rehash to see her character return, even if she was amped up on g-virus steroids.

Gale Weathers - Scream 1 - 4
Where does one even begin with Courtney Cox's in arguably one of the most iconic female characters the horror genre has ever produced; Gale Weathers. From her neon suits to her chewed and tragic fringe in Scream 3, Gale is as much of a final girl as Sydney, and actually has much more depth to her character than Mrs. Prescott ever has. Gale is a total bitch, but a bitch with heart and courage, a woman who was equally as ruthless when it came to elbowing her way to the front for the spotlight. Not only was she a cold piranha when it came to feeding off the latest scoop, but this made her a hilarious character to watch, one with plenty of humour and fun to have you entertained in every scene she is in.

From Scream 1 all the way up to 4, Gale Weathers is nothing short of iconic; ever. Particularly in Scream 3 (believe it or not) where I feel Gale really shines the most. She's often hilarious, her hair choice is iconic personified, and her choice of clothing is mouth-wateringly retro that it tempts me to dress as her each year Halloween goes by. How does one be so glamorous, be such a heartless bitch, be one ruthlessly tough cookie AND be so instantly likeable? This is a combination Cox, Craven and Williamson had down, making Gale Weathers one of my biggest gay icons of all time.


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