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New Poster for Homophobic Home Invasion Horror 'Spiral'

LGBTQ+ themes have often been explored through horror in the most flamboyant of manners, often with a huge vampire label slapped on top of it whilst being given some sort of exploitive context. Mainstream horror has yet to tackle themes of homophobia without having a long and sharp pair of fangs on it, so to hear of the news of a new home-invasion horror based on genuine queer fear makes my mouth water at the thought.

Films like this are important, and show the evident shift in psychological horror that has proven successful with the likes of Get Out and Hereditary. Homosexuality needs to be explored more through horror as the potential is endless, so to pour these themes into a home invasion horror sounds like a recipe for success. Can you tell I'm excited?

The film follows same-sex couple Malik and Aaron who face homophobic threats when they move to a small US town to raise their teenage daughter. As the threats become more insidious, Malik begins to suspect there are even darker forces at play.

Let's not get this confused with the upcoming Saw spin-off of the same title. Poster and pictures below.


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